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1: Thinking about being owned by a Dachshund:  A guide to Dachshund breed


Thinking about being owned by a Dachshund? eLearning

This eLearning module provides information about the dachshund breed to prospective owners and tests their knowledge.

  • Responsibilities: Instructional Design, eLearning Development, complying to branding guidelines
  • Target Audience: Prospective dachshund owners in Australia
  • Tools Used: Articulate Rise, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop 
  • Budget: Low to medium
  • Client: Dachshund Rescue Australia
  • Year: 2020


Dachshund Rescue Australia rescues and safely rehomes dachshunds across Australia.

As the breed grew in popularity, the rescue recognised an increase in dogs requiring rehoming.

This guide was put together with the object of

  1. Reducing the number of dachshunds that would require rehoming by providing information for prospective owners to make an informed decision on whether the breed was right for them and their lifestyle appropriate for the breed’s unique requirements.
  2. Encouraging potential owners to only buy from ethical registered breeder
  3. Introducing the ‘Responsible Ownership of Dog (ROD) Certificate’ concept


Instructional Design

As usual, I wrote learning objectives for this experience first. This helped me determine exactly what I wanted people to learn.

With the learning objectives in hand, I sourced content to support the objectives from the SMEs (Rehoming Team), online publications, and community groups.

I also used the learning objectives to write the assessment questions for the end of the module.

    eLearning Development

    Next, I moved into Articulate Rise to rapidly prototype the eLearning experience. 

    I gathered visuals from the Dachshund Rescue website and my own library and referred to branding guidelines to keep the experience on-brand.

    I used most of the possible interactions within Articulate, such as drag-and-drops, accordions, flashcards, click-to-reveals, and more to keep the module engaging and information digestible and repeatable.



    Overall, this project was a very rewarding experience for a charity that I respect and a cause I feel passionately about.

    I hope the module will reduce the number of dachshunds and owners requiring rehoming and educate prospective owners whether a dacshund is right for their lifestyle.

    The creation of the Responsible Ownership of Dog (ROD) certificate which occurred during the process has led to a further body of work.


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